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CBT and Motorcycle Training in North London

Highbury & Islington | Tottenham & Wood Green

CBT Motorcycle Training

Essential CBT Training to be completed to a satisfactory standard - there is no exam and our instructors offer superb support. From £100.
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DAS - Full Motorcycle Licence

Gain a full motorcycle licence with our brilliant motorcycle training in North London. The D.A.S is suitable for 24 years or over. 
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CBT Training London

What our customers say about our motorbike lessons in London...

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you both. you have a great school, with equipment and bikes in the best possible shape. First Tina for your patience and organisation skills and then Ossie for the great lessons. Although I have had my A1 for nearly 15 years, I knew I had picked up a lot of bad habits along the way, especially if I wanted to pass a full A license. I really enjoyed Ossie's teaching, advice and especially his great attitude (where does that patience come from, I will never know!).

Again thank you very much for helping me get my A license without any stress, although I was disappointed to have made 3 minor marks on test day (even the examiner was making fun of me for being disappointed for successfully passing the exam), with your teaching it should have been nil mistakes!

Regards, Oliver.

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Motorcycle Training Course London

Our family run Motorcycle Training School is based in North London. With two excellent centres based in easy to access locations. Our first centre based in Highbury and Islington is located next to the A1 on Canonbury Road. It is situated opposite the Highbury & Islington train station, which makes it perfect for students looking to visit by tube, bus, or by their own current vehicle. This location was chosen to base ourselves in due to the safe roads that neighbour us. It is essential that our students feel confident and comfortable in the environment they learn to ride in. Our other centre is in Wood Green, on White Hart Lane at the New River Sport Centre.
We have lots of reviews and testimonials on our website and on our social media which just highlights the great work we do in providing safe and enjoyable motorbike training in London.

CBT Motorcycle Training and CBT Test London

Getting out on the road in London is actually cheaper than you first thought, all you need is the right safety gear, a moped, and a CBT. We offer C.B.T ( compulsory basic training ) from £100.00. The compulsory basic training offered in our London centres is your first step to obtaining a full motorcycle or scooter licence. Our instructors are dedicated to providing this training in a safe yet fun environment, just like our previous students we consider our training the best CBT London has to offer. The CBT is not strictly a test, so you will not completely fail, instead our dedicated instructors will guide you through the course at your own pace, only advancing if you are confident in doing so. Once you obtain your CBT license you will be free to leave the test centre on your own two wheels. Be sure to come back at some point though for something more advanced like...

A1 Motorcycle Training and A2 License in North London

The A1 motorcycle training which leads to the A2 License is a natural next step for most qualified riders. A1 & A2- restricted motorcycle licence. Whether you want to obtain your A1 or A2 licence, A2Z Motorcycle Training will guide you through the training and provide valuable assistance through the test stage. Obtaining this license will allow you to ride more advanced bikes around London, and make you a much more confident rider! 

Gain a full motorcycle license with our brilliant motorcycle training school, the D.A.S - full motorcycle licence training is suitable for riders over 24 years of age and allows the successful student an unrestricted license. We are unique in that we practise and train on the testing site, so you'll be super confident when your test comes. Many of our students are first time passers and have expressed how much training on the test site helped them!

If you need any further information on our service please call anytime.

We are approved and regulated by the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency).