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Why you should take the Enhanced Rider Scheme.

No matter what skill level you are at as a motorcyclist, you will undoubtable learn an awful lot from the Enhanced Rding Scheme. From people who have just passed, to people getting back on the bike, to people that ride for a living. Each and every cyclist can transform the way they think about driving with the professional advice provided on the course. 
The enhanced driving course lasts around 1-2 hours. If there are no clear weaknesses, you will be awarded a DSA Certificate of Competence on the day of your course. Some will be given further individual support before receiving the certificate. You are then able to state this certification to an insurance company, which could lead to a substantial discount in the amount you pay for your motorcycle insurance. Not all companies have signed up to support the scheme, so it may be worth contacting your provider to establish how much discount you could receive. 
It may be slightly daunting getting on the roads, even if you have passed your test. ERS can heighten your skills so that you feel comfortable when driving on larger roads at faster speeds. The scheme is not a test, it is purely a learning exercise where you go on a range of roads, with differing traffic conditions. They will then provide you with one to one feedback, which will underline what you need to focus on next time you ride. 
Many pupils who take the Enhanced Rider Scheme are those that have not been riding for a while. Financially able to afford a motorcycle again, coming back after an accident, or simply just taking up cycling again. We would highly recommend the course if any of these are relevant to you. By taking the course, you are able to refresh your memory and brush up on your skills, as well as build up your confidence. 
Moving up to a more powerful motorcycle? By taking the ERS course we teach you to respect the bike and how to gradually build up on the size and speed of the motorcycle that you are riding.  
Or you may simply just to want to gain an understanding of how good your driving is, and what you need to do to improve. We will help you iron out the creases and highlight your tendencies that could potentially be dangerous driving. Cycling is great fun, but can be potentially dangerous if there is not enough vigilance on how you drive. With any motor cycling accident, a minor injury is expected at the very least. It is important to invest time in ensuring that you feel safe, and not a danger to the people you are sharing the road with. 
Even the professionals are using advanced courses to improve there skills. Check out “Never to Good”, a motorcycling programme presented by Alan Davies who takes the course with former world champion Chaz Davies. Chaz Davies has been riding since the age of 15, yet he still managed to learnt an awful lot on specific skills when riding a motorcycle. The programme is a clear example of how everyone can learn from taking these advanced courses. Previews of the 4 episode are now available to watch Youtube.
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