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5 Easy steps to pass your Motorcycle Theory Test!

1.     Use the resources!
There are tons of DVD’s, PC-CD’s, Books and Audio books that provide you with the required knowledge and understanding to pass your Theory test. We would recommend buying “The Complete Motorcycle Theory and Hazard Perception Tests
This is a super resource and provides you with tutorials, step to step guides and mock exams that will prepare you for the real thing.
2.     Revise, Revise, Revise!
You need to be revising your heart out prior to the exam, and keep on revising until you are getting 50 out of 50 in your mock exams. The questions on the exams are not the same as the ones on the DVD’s, but they are very similar.  There are no trick questions; they simply want to establish whether you have a clear understanding of the theory of driving.
Don’t bother turning up to the test without revising and trying to wing it.  Study thoroughly prior to the exam and there shouldn’t be a single question you have to guess.

3.     Remember your identification!
The examiners will require both your provisional license and your passport. Without these you will be unable to take the test.
A few days prior to the test, make sure you know exactly where your ID and passport are located. Keep it somewhere safe where you will remember for the day of your exam. Then, make absolutely sure you pick them up before you leave the house, to go to the exam.
4.     Leave in good time
Make sure you leave plenty of time to get to the Examination building, similar to the step above, the last thing you need is having to book another test, and wait around for another 3 weeks, because you got stuck in traffic on the way there, during rush hour. 15 minutes, even half an hour early is better than not being able to take your test at all.

5.     Have a copy of the Highway Code and learn it cover to cover
The Highway Code is a fantastic resource, not only for passing your theory test, but also for when you’ve passed your practical. There will be a number of questions in your theory test on signs and general Highway Code, so swatting up on these will give you a head start. But with a great understanding, you have a far greater chance of passing your practical and being a safer, more sensible driver.
This applies generally to the approach you have to the theory exam! Don’t think of it as something you need to memorize, to pass your test. Think of it as something that can really save you time and money. Insurance prices increase drastically once you’ve been involved in a collision, so it pays to know exactly what you’re doing on the roads.
The main objective for everyone taking driving tests is to pass as quickly as possible. But by taking up a little bit more of your time that you normally would, to fully grasp the theory of driving you will undoubtedly save your all-important time in the long run and you’re hard earned cash!  

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