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Preparing for your CBT

The first thing to remember about the CBT is that it is not a test! Instead, it is a structured training course which means it is impossible to fail it! Hopefully, within this post, we will cover any of the questions that may be floating around your head in the build-up to a course you have booked, or, whether you are just starting to think about applying for a place on one.

So let's assume you have booked your CBT with your chosen motorcycle training school and the big day arrives. There are a few things to keep in mind that will help you get the most from the course. First of all, make sure to eat before your test because although it will be a lot of fun, you will need to concentrate quite a bit and so make sure you're not counting down the clock to lunchtime or dinner but instead focusing on the tasks you'll be given. Another thing to think about on the day is clothing. Although this might be an obvious one, if its a warm day, remember you'll be moving at speeds on a motorbike and so you're likely to need some extra layers. We recommend going with some sturdy boots, a decent of jeans, a thick jacket and a pair of motorcycle gloves. Finally, make sure to have all your relevant paperwork ready to go as well as your driving license.

Okay great, so you've had a decent breakfast, got dressed in your thick clothing, packed your paperwork and now your on your way there. But now your starting to think about what to expect when you arrive. If your feeling nervous, remember there are other people in the same position as you, likely heading to the same place to do the same course! When you get there, you will get to meet the instructor and other people enrolled in the same course as you. If you're still feeling a little nervous at this point, take this time to talk to the other people around you, you'll probably find you will settle in with them all quite quickly.

The first part of the course will involve an eyesight test and a safety talk. Right now you'll be thinking "But I'm here for a motorcycle training course and I haven't even seen a bike yet!". Don't worry, these beginning parts of the course may not be very exciting but are important and can sometimes even give you ideas for when you come to buy some new motorcycle protective gear. Once you've had the talks, it's now time for the real deal. Depending on which course you have enrolled onto, you'll be paired with either a scooter or a 125cc motorcycle. You'll be taken over the controls of by your instructor to help familiarise you with the bike. It's always a good idea to do some prior research to this to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible when you first begin to rise. Try following along with some discussions on online forums such as bikechatforums and bikershub. Places like these have an incredibly welcoming community who have a vast amount of first-hand information regarding riding bikes that you can read up on and hey, you may even make some new friends along the way!

Once the course is complete, you'll be taken back to the test center where the majority of people will be told they've passed that day, if not, for others, the instructor may ask them to return for further training. However, whichever way it goes, once you've been handed over your pass certificate you'll feel that motorcycle bug hit you and your free to head out onto the roads on your own. Remember to be safe out there, this is where the real learning begins. Have fun out there!