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Top Tips for staying safe this winter

As we now start to face the worst of the weather, it is important to ensure that you are your bike are in the safest position possible. There is no need to leave your motorcycle in the shed all winter, you can still enjoy riding it, just with a little more preparation. The first thing to make sure is that you are wearing the appropriate gear. This means wearing multiple layers to stay warm. To avoid restricting movement, you can wear lighter, breathable materials underneath a windproof jacket. It's equally important to make sure that the rest of your body is also kept wrapped up though, so woolly socks and a full face mask would be ideal to keep nearby.

As well as making sure you are prepared, you also need to make sure that your bike is as well. Whilst you need to ensure that the basics such as making sure the antifreeze is clean (if the bike is water-cooled), checking for sufficient tread on the tyres and tyre pressures. You also could consider also undertaking some additional checks. These can include adding a pair of shorter heated grips to keep your hands warm along with handguards to shield them from the colder winds. In addition to these modifications, you can also take it a step further and use some thinner oil which will help the engine to lubricate itself better in the colder temperatures.

Now that you and your bike are ready to go, make sure to always stay hydrated and eat well. Although this may be common sense for some people, a lack of the correct amount of liquids can lead to dehydration and onto fatigue which is definitely not something you want to experience in the colder weathers. Good nutrition is also key to making sure that you stay warm! When your out and riding, be aware that the road surface will be a lot different to riding in the warmer weathers. Make sure to watch out for large potholes, loose gravel and icy patches. Most of all, remember to keep enjoying the freedom of riding your motorcycle!