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6 of the Best Motorcycling Routes in the UK

So, you’ve finally passed. All those hours spent obsessing about learning to ride have been worth it, and now you’re looking for a great route to get you started on the open road. Are you ready for a lifetime obsession in riding? 
To get you started, here are some of our favourite rides, and would highly recommend you try them! 
The Cat and Fiddle 

One of the most challenging roads in the UK is named after the pub at the summit. Swirling through the heart of the Peak District, if gorgeous views and twisty bends are what you desire, then surely give this route a ride. Be warned however, that whilst this route will intoxicate any newcomer, it has been named the most dangerous road in Britain, so take your time on your first go. 
Yorkshire Loop

 The Yorkshire Loop is a 98 mile ride through the Yorkshire Dales, with traffic free tarmac and plenty of open roads to test your skill between the stoned walls. This route offers lots of long straights and many dips. If you desire a scenic ride be sure to plan this ride during dry weather, the fog has been known to hide the spectacular views, but not to worry, the Penny Garth Cafe will be happy to serve you some traditional Yorkshire Tea if you do get caught in the fog.

Horseshoe Pass

Wales is well known for its beautiful scenery, but at 1,400 ft above sea level, the views at the peak of the Horseshoe Pass will rival any, anywhere. The slow incline and decline (on the way back) is great for beginners, and is guaranteed to hook any newcomer to biking. We highly recommend you try this route, particularly in the morning when you have a chance of glimpsing the sun peaking over the many hills in Wales.

Cheddar Gorge

Once voted the second greatest natural wonder in Britain, Cheddar Gorge is home to some of the most challenging yet rewarding bends in the country. Nestled between the gorge, you’ll pass through several villages, and whilst there we would definitely have a look at the cave system. However, Cheddar Gorge is a tourist attraction, so we would suggest taking your ride in the morning to avoid the traffic.

North Coast 500

Scotland’s very own ‘Route 66’ stretches across over 500 miles of wonderful coastal scenery, and weaves through villages and towns. The route itself will take you up to 14 hours to complete, but with Inverness Castle, many waterfalls, plenty of beaches, caves, and museums, you’ll want to stop and maybe complete the journey in a few days. As a beginner you may be put off by the windy roads, but with plenty of straights and sweeping corners, it’ll be a fantastic experience.

Your Favourite:

What’s your favourite ride? Comment or message us on any of our social media for a chance to be featured in our next blog!