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Our Essential Advice for New Riders

A2Z Rider Training is not all about passing your CBT, Category A1 or A2, or even reducing your premiums with the ERS – we want to encourage the next generation of motorcyclists to be safe and responsible on the road.

Here are some essential pieces of information that you have probably heard us talking about before!

Personalise Your Bike
We don’t mean adding stickers and decals! Although we’d love to see your impressive designs, we actually mean spending some time with a new bike to ensure it fits your body correctly. Fine-tune your lever heights to make sure that your arms are in line with your natural riding position. Having a harmonious fit with your bike will not only increase comfort, but also lead to quicker reaction times.

Look After Your Tyres
As you know by now, when you’re riding along, two tiny patches of rubber are the only parts of your bike in contact with the floor. Making sure your tyres are in good condition before you set off is essential. Make sure you are checking your tyre pressures, wear patterns, and tread depth at least once a week, but long periods of use may require more frequent checks. Also make sure you buy the correct tyres for your bike, make them appropriate for your riding styles, and the weather conditions you often ride in. Cheapest does not mean best. Neglecting your tyres will affect performance and also jeopardise your safety.

Don’t Underestimate Earplugs!
Yes it may be uncomfortable the first few times you wear them, but trust us – constant wind noise and enduring engine noise will harm your hearing long-term. Pick a pair of earplugs that suit your ears and you’ll soon find that not wearing them feels unnatural.

Be Responsible
You may think you know your favourite road like the back of your hand and claim to be able to ride it with your eyes closed. You don’t. Traffic could be right around that next corner, maybe they installed a new roundabout, and perhaps the road has a few potholes since you last rode on it. All these cautions can happen overnight and without warning. Never assume the road you know so well is exactly the same each time you ride.

Trust Your Instincts
If your bike feels wrong, it probably is. You know how your bike rides and any changes in that could indicate a problem, if you can’t identify why it has changed do not hesitate to take it to a professional to be looked at. It could save you a whole host of problems in the future.

and finally, on a lighter note!

Go On An Adventure
Wake up and be excited to explore, get yourself lost and find your way again. Go out in the morning and come home in the evening with new stories to tell and new friends made. It should never feel like a chore to ride your bike. 

If you have passed with us and want to bring your insurance premiums down then speak to us about the Enhanced Rider Scheme.

If you or anyone you know are looking for Motorcycle Training, get in contact with us for more information, or see our price list.