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Best Present For A 16 Year Old In London!

So your child turns 16 soon and you don’t know what to get them. You’re not alone, with trends and fads changing like the wind, it’s impossible to keep up with their interests. We’re going to offer you the best birthday present they’ll ever receive – probably.

It’s well documented that when you turn 17 you can learn to drive, but why wait until then to gain your independence and get on the road? At the age of 16 you can take a CBT and get going with a Moped.

Having a Moped opens up the world to them, they’ll gain freedom, responsibility, maturity, a sense of belonging, and a lot of independence. You’ll stop having to give lifts! They might get themselves a part time job to fund their new hobby! They might even become a fully fledged biker in the future!

Provisional Driving License

Actually, you can apply for a Provisional Driving License three months before their 16th Birthday, this is obviously vital if you decide to buy them the CBT, but even if you don’t get them the training, the provisional is a handy form of ID (getting them into those rated 15 movies without risking their passport!)
Applying for the license is really simple; you can apply online via the DVLA website, or visit your local post office and ask for a D1 form.

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

When they turn 16, they are allowed to ride a Moped with an engine size of 50cc or less, and a top speed of 45km/h or less, however they MUST complete a CBT.
A2Z Rider Training is one of the best Compulsory Basic Training Centres in London, and with loads of great testimonials we can be trusted to give you the best guidance available! Prices for the CBT start at £100 and is offered 7 days a week at our Wood Green Centre, and on weekends at our Highbury & Islington Centre.
The course is a legal requirement and usually takes eight hours to complete, we advise you take the full course over one day.

What to expect

Over the course of the day, the CBT recipient will receive:

  • Eyesight Test (very simple, nothing to worry about)

  • A safety talk and demonstration

  •  Learning the controls

  • Learning to ride

  • Danger awareness

  • Bike maintenance

  • On-road riding

  • Hazard Perception

Whilst the CBT is not a test, it is expected to be treated as one and students will be expected to conduct themselves maturely and respectfully.

What to bring

Just themselves, we will provide all the equipment they need to get going. If the recipient decides to bring their own moped, it must have a valid MOT, Road Tax and Insurance. We would advise they  wear comfortable clothing.


At the end of the course, our instructors will inform them if they have passed or require further training. If they have passed they will receive a certificate which is valid for two years and are free to get out onto the roads and begin their real learning!

Book a CBT here or get in touch here.

We look forward to welcoming you or your child to the ‘biker club’!