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5 Essential Tips To Secure Your Bike Summer 2018

Police statistics for the motorcycle, scooter and moped theft in London shows that nearly 14,000 incidents were reported and much less than that actually recovered. In response to this the Metropolitan Police have launched a new public awareness campaign to tackle the epidemic sweeping the capital.

In the past year they have introduced decoy motorcycles with DNA sprays and pursuit vehicles to catch the criminals and this has reduced bike theft by 52%. Their attention now turns to educating the riding population on how to minimise the risk of having your bike stolen.

Here are our 5 tips to protect your bike this summer.

Park it publicly

It may feel counterproductive to park it in front of the potential thieves, but actually making it public deters some thieves. There are too many eyes in a public place, and trying to pinch a motorcycle is made a lot hard. If there is not a suitable place to park it in public, try and park it in plain sight of a CCTV camera.

Avoid leaving a lock on the floor

You may think you are protecting your bike by placing a heavy duty lock on your frame or rear wheel, but in reality, if it rests on the concrete floor you are allowing thieves and opportunity to smash the lock to pieces. By raising the lock off the ground you are reducing the ability to create a meaningful contact with a blunt instrument like a hammer.

Anchor to an unmoveable object

Making sure the object you are locking your bike too is secure is very important. If the object is moveable, you are providing no security for your bike at all. Do not underestimate how far thieves are willing to go to take your bike too, a tall pole might be an unmoveable object, but your bike could be lifted over it through a combined effort.

Use multiple locks

Why stop at one lock? Secure your bikes frame, rear wheel, and front wheel. The time it will take to get through all three locks is not worth the risk for a criminal. Three locks will act like a deterrent whilst also providing actual protection.

Cover it

If I can’t see them, they can’t see me. Sort of. Organised criminals are looking for specific models, and your bike could be one of them. By covering it, they would have no way of identifying it whilst walking past, they would have to physically remove the cover and act suspiciously, maybe catching the attention of other pedestrians or a CCTV Camera.
A staggering 2,591 crimes were committed in the capital in July 2017, relating to bike theft, so make sure you keep your bike safe this summer, and stay on your guard! 

Statistics via Carole Nash