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CBT and Motorcycle Training in North London

Highbury & Islington | Tottenham & Wood Green

Brilliant Mod1 and Mod2 Instruction

"Great riding school, managed to get me through both Mod1 and Mod2 from the first time. I wasn’t great on a bike before the course, so I took the longer version. Tina managed to adjust the schedule to help with work and I started very soon, which fit just right. The plan was to learn a lot and pass the tests before my theory test expired, two days after the Mod1/2 date. Thanks to the great instruction from Shane it all worked out perfectly!

The bikes are quite new and easy to handle. Also, practicing on the exam location helped a lot, both for Mod1 and Mod2. I’d have probably failed on the swerve of Mod1 if I hadn’t done it several times before the test. And for Mod2 I was out mostly on roads which we had covered during the training, which helped immensely.

Can’t recommend them enough, very patient, level-headed, and very good at helping me at building confidence with the bikes and on the road, great instruction!"

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