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CBT and Motorcycle Training in North London

Highbury & Islington | Tottenham & Wood Green

Experienced Instructors

"The instructors were beyond experienced. Stuart is an ex-examiner, and knows what he’s chatting about. Rob was an ex-police motorcycle rider and I think he had more years under his belt than I’ve been alive!
I’m pretty sure the school is the only one that allows you to practise on the Mod1 site the Sunday before your test. So you’re literally test-ready not suggestively test ready.
Of the three others I did my Mod1 test with, three of us got no minors and the other guy got one minor mark.
They prepare you for the Mod2 thoroughly basically testing your testable ability on every road ride and providing truly thorough feedback on your ride.

I can’t fault them, they block book so if you pass your Mod1, and you’ll be taking your Mod2 the same day.
Ultimately I passed, so I have much love for this school!"