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CBT and Motorcycle Training in North London

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered some of our frequently asked questions to help answer any you may have before joining us for some motorcycle training. 

What Is The Minimum Age To Ride A Motorcycle?
  • You must be 16 years or older to ride up to a 50cc motorcycle WITH a CBT and L-Plates.
Do I Need To Re-Take A Theory Test If I Have A Car Licence?
  • Yes. There are specific questions regarding motorcycles in a Motorcycle theory test, and these are not covered in your car licence. You do not need to pass this theory test to ride on with L-Plates and up to 50cc.
Do I Need A Licence To Learn To Ride?
  • As with learning to drive, a provisional licence is required to start any form of training. You will need a provisional to start a CBT and a CBT to start training for a full licence.
What Does A CBT Involve?
  • Attending Compulsory Basic Training is required BY LAW, before taking to the road. The CBT will consist of:
  1. The Basics: Legal Requirements, Safety, Clothing, Highway Code, Motorcycle Riding Theory
  2. Introduction to machine controls: Safety Checks, Motorcycle Controls, Basic Maintenance
  3. On Site Training: Practising Manoeuvres, Building Skills and Confidence
  4. Road Craft: Road Conditions, Road Hazards, Awareness of other road users
  5. On-Road Training: Out on the road with the instructor closely advising, experiencing of varying traffic conditions.
What Should I bring?
  • Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy footwear, we will provide the rest. YOU MUST BRING A VALID PROVISIONAL LICENCE. It would be beneficial to bring a basic understanding of the Highway Code too.
How Long Does A CBT Take?
  • Usually the course takes a day to complete, although some people take longer to complete it. This is fine! We are there to make sure you are comfortable on the roads and a confident rider; there is no sense in progressing unless you are ready!
How Long Does A CBT Last?
  • A CBT certificate lasts two years from the date of issue. You will need to retake your CBT or upgrade to further training should the CBT run out.
Will I Pass?
  • The CBT is not a test, so we will not pass you or fail you. But if you do not meet the required standard we cannot issue a completion certificate. Understand your limits and be vocal to your instructor and there is a great chance you’ll receive your certificate.
If you have anymore questions please do not hesitate to get in touch, our service team are delightful and will help you in every way they can.