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Autumn Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

Experienced riders will tell you that road conditions change with the seasons, and if you have recently passed your CBT and haven’t yet experienced a seasonal change on the roads, you may be a little naive to what this means.

Whilst some people love a long Summer motorcycle ride, others prefer the colours a ride in Autumn provides, either way, it is important to prepare for your first journey in different conditions.


Autumn means leaves turning beautiful colours and eventually falling off the trees, yes this is very picturesque, but it can also make any road surface very slippery. We hear every year about trains being cancelled or delayed due to leaves on the track and we laugh, but this is seriously a problem. When fallen leaves get wet, they begin to decompose and become very slippery. This is a danger even for vehicles on four wheels, let alone two.

The best way to stay safe in these leafy conditions is to slow down. Just because a speed limit is in place, does not mean you are obliged to ride at that speed, be sensible and keep your balance. Allowing yourself more room than usual behind the car in front will provide you with plenty of time to alter your course or come to a stop should an emergency brake be needed. Leaves act as a blanket on the road, meaning they can cover and hide potholes and bumps in the road, riding into a pothole could cause damage to yourself or your bike, especially if you are riding too fast and oblivious to the damaged road.

Driving through a pile of leaves may look good in the movies, but be clever about it. Children like to play in piles of leaves, so always bear this in mind and drive around it.

Changing Weather

Have you read our previous blog about changing weather conditions?

Reduced Daylight

Every night gets earlier and earlier and every sunrise gets later and later. You’re morning commute might occur in complete darkness so be aware of pedestrians and especially children at bus stops.

Halloween is just over a month away, and this means that children will be wearing dark costumes and out after dark, take extra care riding around over this period.

Riding your motorcycle in Autumn can be a very rewarding experience as long as you understand the risks and dangers. Take care on the roads, and consider further training to help your confidence.