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What To Expect In The Motorcycle Theory Test

Congratulations on getting a provisional license and for taking the first step towards a lifetime of biking! Assuming you have completed your Compulsory Basic Training, your next step is the theory test. This really is a crucial part of your training as you’ll need to demonstrate the knowledge you gain when you take your practical riding test.

The Test

The test is split into two parts: the multiple choice section, and the hazard perception section.

The Multiple Choice Section:

The questions on the test have been chosen based on the information contained within three books, The Official Highway Code, The Official DVSA Guide To Riding, and Know Your Traffic Signs. It is very important that you use these books to not just understand how to answer the questions but to understand the reason for the answers. Whilst the test will sample these books, it is unlikely that you will have prepared the answer to a question that will be used.

There are some products out there which offer mock theory tests, which can help you to prepare for the test situation but do not prepare solely by using these. You might not understand why your answers are wrong, and therefore decrease your chances of passing the real thing.

Some of the topics covered in the multiple choice test are:

Safety and your Motorbike
Hazard Awareness
Vulnerable Road Users
Motorway Riding
Rules of the Road
Road and Traffic Signs
Incidents, Accidents and Emergencies
Motorbike Loading

The Hazard Perception Section:

This is an interactive part of the test. You will be shown 14 film clips and asked to respond every time you see a developing hazard. A developing hazard is a situation that will require you, as the biker, to take some form of action such as changing speed or direction.

The best preparation for this section is the first-hand experience with your driving instructor and using The Official DVSA Guide To Hazard Perception. Knowing the rule of the road is essential and taking past tests is highly recommended. With the hazard perception section, it is as much about recognising developing hazards as it is about understanding the way the test works.


Practise Tests will help you understand how the real thing will be, as well as preparing you for the way the test expects you to answer.

Don’t cram the night before. The theory test sets you up for the rest of your life on the roads, take it seriously and study properly.

Learn from experience. Some questions are very simple and often seem obvious, if this is the case it may be that you are taking what you are learning into the real world, where the applied knowledge makes sense.

Get help. If you have friends or family who has passed it before, use their knowledge and advice, particularly if they have since ridden on the road.