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Full License Review

First class, and professional throughout.

I did the CBT and then the Direct Access Course to get a full license, and from beginning to end it was everything they promised. Tina was great with communication and admin and worked with me to accommodate a difficult schedule. Ozzy and his team doing the CBT were all ex-military, paratroopers and marines, with decades of experience, and they were great at giving clear instructions and working with all kinds of people.

I had some riding experience, but 20 years ago on a learner bike, and I was very pleased that they helped me regain my confidence and quickly recognised that I didn't need every last bit of the basic training in the CBT, and worked with me to get my confidence back. I was very impressed with the direct and honest way they dealt with another rider whose skills didn't match his ambitions, and they obviously had his best interests at heart in helping him to adjust his ambitions to his ability.

When I moved on to the Direct Access Course, I had Shane as an instructor, and couldn't have asked for anyone better. He was patient, clear, and has been an examiner in the past, brought an insiders view to the whole testing process. I liked the way they took us regularly to the test centre and got us familiar with the roads around there, and also the atmosphere inside. That meant that when the day came, there were no surprises, and I'm grateful to have got through first time. I met others who were retesting after making unfortunate mistakes on the day, but they seemed, like me, to have been thoroughly impressed with their training and the friendly banter.

By the end of what was a very short course, it seemed like we were all leaving as friends.

Well done Tina, Ozzy, Shane, and "Fluffy" -- yes, that's what they call him, but he's about 6'3" and an ex-marine, so I guess he gets to be called what he wants!