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Why You Need The Enhanced Rider Scheme

The ERS offers both new and experienced riders an opportunity to enhance their riding skills under the guidance of professionally qualified motorcycle instructors. When beginning the ERS, our instructors will have a conversation about your riding style, the areas you think you are struggling with, or where you would want to see the most improvement.

For most students, cornering, assessing the bend, and overtaking are areas that they feel need the most improvement in their own riding ability. Our instructors will watch you ride and formulate a training day based on the areas that need the most work to become an even more competent rider. Because the scheme is not a syllabus, we do not waste your time going over aspects of your riding that you are comfortable with, we structure the course to give you the most benefit for your time and improve skills that are lacking.

If you have recently recovered from a break or fall, getting back on the bike can be a daunting experience. Your knowledge of riding a bike is still excellent, but your practice is lacking. Taking an ERS means you can get guided help in restoring your confidence on the bike in a safe and practical environment.

With no formal test, students can enjoy learning new skills and techniques in a stress-free environment. This lack of pressure often surprises people, and they find they learn a lot more than previously imagined.