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Volunteer Bikers Recover Hundreds of Stolen Bikes

Biker Biker is an anti-theft volunteer group in London helping to combat motorcycle theft and crime enabled by motorcycles. They work with Knights Recovery, a Kent-based independent recovery service to help victims of motorcycle theft avoid the hefty recovery fees charged by the police. Shane, Biker Biker’s founder said, “Doing these free recoveries is so important to us. We are bikers at the end of the day and just want to see people reunited with their pride and joy.”

They do this by completing high-visibility patrols of areas with numerous reports of stolen motorcycles, whilst the patrols are merely intended as a deterrent for would-be thieves, they have caught people red-handed and acted appropriately with the support of the police. Though Biker Biker cannot divulge too much information, they also conduct covert work online to identify and then provide intelligence to the police regarding thieves’ activity on social media.

Amongst numerous initiatives coming in the near future, ‘bait bikes’ parked around London which is fitted with trackers to then lead police to the criminals.

“The police have been very supportive of what we do. There are a few people out there now setting up similar things but they’re not doing it properly. We’re completely above board.”

Last year we shared a blog for the 5 Essential Tips to Secure Your Bike, and we stated that nearly 14,000 incidents were reported involving scooter and moped criminal activity. It is good to see groups like Biker Biker doing their bit to help reduce crime in the capital.