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Most Common MOD 1 Fails

Before taking your MOD 1 test it is worth familiarising yourself with the faults that are most likely to happen when taking your test. It is also worth understanding the severity of them as not all faults are equal weight when it comes to passing.

Minor Faults

You are allowed to make up to five minor faults before an automatic fail occurs. These are the most common faults and do not necessarily indicate unsafe riding, but are causes for concern. Making five of these does indicate unsafe riding however.

The faults include:
  • Missed Gear Changes
  • Skidding and Stalling
  • Slow Emergency Stopping
  • Slow Avoidance Exercise
  • Some Missed Observations
Major Faults

These are serious riding errors or issues and just one recorded by the examiner will result in a fail. These major faults are generally errors that could present danger to the rider as well as other motorists or pedestrians.

The faults are:
  • Too Many Missed Observations
  • Putting A Foot Down
  • Hitting Course Cones
  • Failing On A Manoeuvre
  • Failing To Reach Mandatory Speed
  • Uncontrolled/Dangerous Skid
  • Failing To Stop In Correct Place
  • Taking Too Long To Stop
What To Do If You Commit A Fault

Continue riding! If you are aware of a fault you have committed, continue riding as you were unless the examiner has instructed you to stop. In most instances, becoming aware of your mistakes will only encourage you to make more as time goes on. What you have condemned as a major fault in your head may only have been recognised as a minor by the examiner. So the important thing is to just keep calm and carry on! (Unless told to stop!)