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What To Consider Before Commuting On A Motorcycle

Being a motorcycle training school in London our students come to us for various reasons, whether it’s to learn from scratch, update their skills and knowledge, obtain the next license, or to help them find an easier route around London. Commuting in London can be very hit and miss, if you rely on public transport to get to work, you’ll have no doubt experienced the unreliability of the trains and buses and probably been late a few times. Even commuting in a car can be troublesome, with traffic, roadworks, burst pipes, and re-routes all to contend with.

Commuting by bike can sometimes be the most reliable and satisfying way to commute. Not only does the road congestion somewhat diminish as you can weave in and out of large traffic jams, but you’ll find that it often costs less and is better for the environment.

Most of the time commuting on a bike is a fun experience, but there are times when this fun stops, here are some tips for ensuring every commute is an enjoyable experience.

Wear the right gear

You leave for work in the morning and it is a glorious sunny day; you get ready to leave from work and suddenly the heavens open. Uh oh, you didn’t pack the right clothes for the rain! Riding in the rain or cold without the correct gear will be a very uncomfortable experience and will make you wish you spent the extra money on the correct gear. Thankfully there is plenty of four-season kits available at affordable prices, so you’ll never have to worry about being caught out again.

Don’t forget your luggage

Don’t overlook the importance of waterproof baggage. The rucksack you use when walking in the rain may keep your belongings dry, but start to gather some speed on a bike, and suddenly the rain and wind is so much worse. There is nothing worse than riding in the rain to work, getting there, and realising all your belongings are damp especially your electricals.


Most people take the same journey to work every single day, but what happens when you experience an unplanned road closure? Are you confident on reaching the office on your own, or would it be better to fix a sat-nav to the front of your bike?

Perfect Vision

If you have never ridden on a cold wet morning you might have never experienced the frustration of pulling up to traffic lights and having your visor fog up. It blocks your vision and makes it unsafe, but it is also a real annoyance for bikers. You could lift your visor whilst stopped and close it when riding again, but then you might let water in… then the fogging gets worse. Invest in a good anti-fog treatment and ride safely everyday whatever the weather.