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What Do The Euro 5 Emissions Limits Mean

European limits for emissions have been getting stricter and stricter since they first came into fruition in 1999. 20 years on, and the fifth iteration of the limit, Euro 5, has just been launched. Like all the iterations before, compliance with this limit is staged, and shouldn’t affect you too much.

All new models of motorcycle after January 1st 2020 must meet the limits set out in Euro 5, but manufacturers have an extra 12 months to adapt existing designs to comply. In theory this means that any new bike bought in January 2021 will be fully compliant with EU rules. However, it is unclear whether the EU will allow for the limited stock of old motorcycles that are not compliant to be sold after this time. When Euro 4 came out in 2017 manufacturers could sell their stock until the end of 2019! But so far this agreement has not been confirmed.

What is exciting about this new limit is the advancement in technology that is forced through. It is rumoured that technology such as variable valve timing and lift and renewed thrust towards turbocharged machines are on the horizon.

Perhaps not so exciting is the fact that some older models of bike will inevitably be discontinued as their manufacturers don’t see the value in upgrading the machines to comply.

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