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How To Safely Ride A Motorcycle In Windy Conditions

With storm Ciara and Dennis hopefully behind us, it got us thinking about how we can help new motorcyclists get to grips with riding in stormy and windy conditions. Obviously the most essential piece of advice we could give is to only ride if essential and to avoid going out at all if you can help it. But this isn’t always the case. So, here’s our tips which you can use when storm Ellen and storm Francis arrive, whenever that may be. 

Riding in Crosswinds

This wind comes from either side of you and can make balance quite difficult. You can also find yourself veering off to the side. The best way to manage this is by loosening your body up and relaxing your grip. If you start to drift off course don’t panic, and definitely don’t make sudden movements to counteract this movement.

If you find the movement consistent, you can stick a knee out that acts as a sail and causes the effects of the crosswind to balance. You will be equally pushed and pulled by the wind and will have smoother riding experience. If the wind is coming from the right side, stick out your right knee.

Riding in Headwind

The trick to riding in headwind is to minimise the surface area hitting the wind. This would mean lowering yourself behind the windscreen and tucking your arms and legs in. A headwind will naturally slow you down so make sure you are going a sensible speed to not endanger other road users and yourself. If a headwind is too strong it is advisable to take a break and wait for it to change direction or slow down before returning to the road.

Riding in Tailwind

A joy for motorcyclists looking to get good gas mileage as the tailwind will push you forwards. Be aware, however, that your stopping distance is increased as the force of the wind will not relent as you slow down, unlike the mechanics of your bike.

Just Be Sensible

You should know how to ride a motorcycle safely and riding in the wind just means you must be even more aware of your surroundings and not panic if the wind suddenly picks up from various directions. As always if you don’t feel comfortable, it is better to take a rest and wait for the weather to pass before continuing.