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Motorcycle Theory Test Practice

There are numerous resources available online and from online retailers which cover the essential knowledge needed to pass the motorcycle theory test. For the multiple-choice portion of the test, it is recommended to use three books: 

The Highway Code
Know Your Traffic Signs
Riding - the essential skills

You should be able to pick these books up from online book stores, or find digital copies. The information in these books does change fairly frequently, so make sure you purchase the most up to date book.

Practice Tests

Check your knowledge using the official online theory test practice. These questions are not used in the real test but they are a good representation of what you will find in the real thing. 

Hazard Perception

You will need to purchase the official guide for hazard perception. It will include the practice sessions and practice tests. The hazard perception is a critical part of the theory test and requires a lot of practice to get it right and feel confident. 

This is also an essential part for building confidence on the road. 

Please note that you are currently unable to book a theory test due to Covid-19.