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Proper Motorcycle Storage Tips

As a motorcycle enthusiast you might be growing more and more impatient to go our for a long motorcycle ride to dust off the cobwebs and journey some of the UK’s best roads. Unfortunately, it is still not time for this, which means a lot of motorcycles are being left in storage and unused. Aside from continuing to use your motorcycle occasionally, here are our best tips for good motorcycle storage to avoid future problems. 

Change Your Bike Fluids

When was the last time you changed the fluids like oil, clutch, brake and coolant? If it was recently (and we’re talking a couple of months) then this point isn’t for you. However, if you haven’t changed your fluids for several months or longer we urge you to try this. The main reason for doing this is keeping things fresh. During normal riding circumstances your fluids can become contaminated which is expected, but when continuously riding your bike does a good job of flushing out the abnormalities. When sitting static for long periods of time, these contaminants can become corrosive and can destroy the inside of your bike. 

The second, and more fun reason for doing this. When the lockdown is fully lifted, you will probably want to get out on the road as quick as possible! Having to change the oil etc will become a chore when you’d rather be riding. 

Clean Your Motorcycle

Start with the visible dirt on the chain and brakes. Use a safe degreaser for the chain and a disc cleaner for the brakes. Also take this opportunity to inspect the mechanical aspects of the bike to ensure it is all working fine. When it comes to getting back out on the road you don’t want to discover a problem that could have been fixed now. 

Wash and carefully dry the motorcycle. How good will it feel uncovering a shiny bike when you’re ready to ride?! But do make sure you thoroughly dry the bike as you don’t want to leave any moisture to sit and cause corrosion or mould. 

Good Chain Maintenance

After cleaning the chain, and applying wax or lubrication - as you should do with regular maintenance anyway - you can also help the bike by treating it before storage. The trick is to get the chain warm before applying the treatment. A 5 mile ride or so should do this nicely. 

Battery Maintenance

Invest in a good battery charger. Whether you decide to remove the motorcycle battery and keep this charged via a trickle charger, or by connecting the bike up is up to you. But there will be nothing worse than a flat battery when it’s time to ride once again. 

Use a Suitable Cover

Never use a plastic cover to store your motorcycle. It traps moisture which will end up causing corrosion and mould over time. Instead, invest in an affordable breathable cover. 

Best Storage Places

We know most people aren’t blessed with a garage or a shed, or even a garden, but the best place to store them is a well ventilated area indoors. Where possible avoid placing the bike near chemicals as it can help to speed up the corrosion process.