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Overcoming Fear and Anxiety When Learning to Ride a Motorcycle

Have you wanted to learn how to ride a motorbike for some time now but you were too nervous? It’s completely normal to feel a little worried about starting to learn to drive a motorcycle and, from our experience, many beginner riders experience some form of anxiety before doing their CBT (compulsory basic training) and other motorbike training courses and tests. 

It’s like learning to ride a bike

There is a reason that ‘it’s like learning to ride a bike’ is such a common phrase. The skills needed to ride a bicycle are not instinctive but once you have mastered them, your body and muscle memory will know them forever. These essential skills for riding a bicycle are also vital to know before you start to ride a motorbike, for the experience to be much easier to master and to feel confident. Learning how to balance on a bicycle, understanding the impact of leaning your weight to help turn corners, using your hands for the breaks and the method of steering are all skills that can be transferred from bicycle to motorbike or scooter. To boost your confidence before your motorbike training, try having a little practice on a bicycle beforehand.​

Road safety for learning to ride a motorbike

You may have worries about your safety while on the road. During your CBT with A2Z, you will start off in our secure training area, where you can feel confident building up your control of the motorcycle before having to also consider other road users and rules. You will, however, once you have mastered the basic skills of controlling the bike, then be required to ride on the roads. It is really important to have a basic understanding of the highway code before you go on your first motorbike training session, so practicing your knowledge of road signs is vital and it will make you feel more prepared. Remember that throughout your time on the road, you will have an instructor giving you advice and instructions through a headset in your helmet, so you won’t be alone.

Friendly and helpful motorbike training instructors

At A2Z, we pride ourselves in our hundreds of five star reviews for our instructors and training sessions. One of the most common things that our customers mention in their reviews is how friendly and helpful our instructors are, and how their methods of teaching put you at ease. We know that most people will feel nervous about learning to ride a motorbike, so we want to make sure that you feel comfortable and supported during the entire session. And we wouldn’t be able to stop our friendly team from cracking jokes throughout the day even if we tried!

Bring a friend along to learn to ride with you

Our motorbike training groups are usually full of friendly characters all just as excited about learning to ride as you are. Take some time before the session starts to get to know everyone a little. Soon you’ll find that everyone is there to support and encourage each other. If you are feeling nervous about being by yourself, perhaps ask a friend or family member if they want to learn to ride a bike with you. You might find that you know someone who has also been putting off learning to ride because they didn’t want to go on their own.

Try to relax and enjoy yourself

You may be worried about whether you are going to enjoy riding. Well, we’ve not met anyone who hasn’t yet! It’s completely understandable to feel concern over something you haven’t tried before, but our instructors at A2Z are passionate about riding and their enthusiasm is infectious. We know how to make your first experience of riding a bike informative, safe and fun all at the same time. 

Usually, any fears you make have will decrease or completely disappear as your riding skills improve. Practise will help you to overcome any anxiety and every new riding experience, whether it’s riding in the rain, during cold and frosty conditions or in heavy traffic, will allow you to become more comfortable and confident. 

Whatever is stopping you from learning how to ride a motorcycle, we would recommend coming to try anyway. You can always stop if it’s too much for you, but you’ll never know until you try. Speak to our helpful team about your concerns and read through some of the testimonials from our students to give you that boost of motivation you need to go ahead and book that first session.