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North London 2020 Reviews

Matt S
Second CBT test with A2Z. Great tutors and great day, experienced and explained everything perfectly. Thanks
James Faz
Ozzy and Shane were extremely knowledgeable and down to earth instructors. They made the CBT a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Would recommend.
Syed Mujahid
Went to renew my CBT after 2 years. The staff are freindly and awesome. They teach you everything you need to know, the training is excellent and enjoyable, and also affordable, with equipments also provided during the course. Its in "White hart lane, wood green N22 5QW", next to the new river and fitness center, its very big and easy to ride around the place. I will definitely be back here after my CBT expires, and I recommend those who want to learn to ride mopeds to come here. 5* from me.
Great school. Great instructors. Shane and Fluffy are excellent and make learning how to ride a bike very fun.
Did my 5-day DAS course with Shane and passed Mod1 & 2 first try. No previous riding experience.
William Wynell-Mayow
I've just finished a 5 day Direct Access Scheme with A2Z. It was a fantastic experience and took me from total novice (never sat on a big bike) to passing my module 1 & 2 in a week!
Thoroughly professional and reputable organisation. Tina organises everything and will sort out a program that works for you!
Lovely new Yamaha MT07 bikes. 700cc with ABS. Perfect bikes, very easy to ride and mechanically sound. ABS was essential for my over zealous right foot in the emergency stop.
Motorbike training comes down to the trainers. Shane and Fluffy run the DAS training and are simply phenomenal. Hugely experienced and very patient teachers. They look at your riding personally and will pick out the details that will catch you out on test day. Shane is an ex-examiner so knows all the tricks to get you through & Fluffy is brilliant at getting your head around the mental side of the test.
100% recommended. Awesome.
David Swain
Very professional staff easy to talk to and friendly will get you through the tests thanks fluffy and oz.
Essay Essay
I am very satisfied with A2Z Rider Training. The staff have been a great help and are very friendly! Highly recommend.
Gerry S
Excellent customer service from Tina. Instructor Ossie was super professional, knowledgeable and funny. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience with fellow students. Don't go anywhere else!
Robert Fearn
All staff were friendly and helpful, Shane in particular who trained me for 3 out of the 4 days, never know a man with so much patience. Would definitely recommend riding with A2Z
Tamimul Ahsan
Just done my CBT. Highly recommended. Both of the instructors very friendly..
Holly Scilly
Thanks so much Shane (and fluffy) for the awesome training and Tina for the admin and moral support! So happy to have finished my direct access course. You guys were so thorough with the module coverage. Def made test day that much easier. All the best! Dave Scilly
Georgia Irwin-Ryan
Really helpful and attentive to details, gave me lots of support and made me feel much more confident riding.
Tom Clark
Fluffy and Shane are great - highly skilled, knowledgeable, patient and fun. It's an intense course so be prepared to be exhausted at the end of each day, but if you listen carefully and follow instructions you will pass. Thank you A2Z!
Yuriy Chemerys
I've done CBT and DAS with A2Z and had great experience with both. Not only I learned how to pass the exam and ride safely, I also had a lot of fun. A2Z is a family business and all the instructors are friends for ages. For the student it feels like joining a group of friends who are having fun time challenging each other to be better. Well, they will mostly challenge you, but you can also make them guess why in hell you've done that crazy thing on a roundabout/junction/pedestrian crossing :)
If you think that riding is easy and you will have no problems whatsoever, then ask Fluffy to be your instructor. He will calibrate your perception with his tough couching style. If you feel like you will benefit from teaching style more then Shane is your man. John is doing CBT only but he is a great teacher as well. I haven't had an opportunity to spend a lot of time with Ozzy, but he was using every occasion to check whether I have any questions and give useful piece of advice. Tina was doing a great job arranging everything and making sure my busy schedule is taken into account.
Overall, I had great experience with this company and happy to recommend them.
Alazar Solomon
Did my CBT at A2Z today and it was a very pleasant experience. The instructor Stuart was very knowledgeable and professional. He was also very considerate and patient with me and gave me extra time and tips to practice the manoeuvres as I was new to riding and had no experience thus it took me considerably longer to get used to the bike etc, Thank you guys
Abdul Benjamin
I went for my CBT with A2Z today and I was very happy I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s it’s their first time for a renewal their very professional, friendly ,helpful and made sure I understood everything and was ready before hitting the roads What a good enjoyable experience . Thanks guys
Harrison Sharkey
Really attentive, patient teaching by a friendly and welcoming team. Highly recommend!
Abe Rose
Was all in all great. Fun ride chilled informative and relaxed environment. Thanks Shaun

Leandro Faria
I’ve been riding in London with CBT and i contacted a2z to have my full licence and surprisingly in few lessons I had so much information and a great instructor giving me good tips and advice so that I passed my exam at the first try. Was a great experience! Now I have full license and so proud of myself.
Thanks to A2Z.
Joseph Michael
thanks to Dave and the man mountain Fluffy for a great day of motorbike training will def recommend your company
thanks guys
Peter Morris
Thanks to Fluffy and Shaney, I would recommend the guys to anyone who wants to get on a motorcycle. Patient, knowledgeable and generally great teachers. Can’t thank A2Z enough for all the help and support
Dax K
I went here for my Compulsory Basic Training a few days ago, the instructors were friendly and explained clearly how to work the controls of the bike and the necessary skills I needed to go out on the road, by the end of the day I got my CBT license on my first time, I would recommend these guys if you're looking to get your bike license.
Michael McHale
Just completed my CBT here at A2Z training.. overall a wonderful experience, the trainer Ossie was very calm and professional. It was great to find a training centre open in the current climate, it has given me the chance to stop using the tubes and have more independence in travelling. The course was well priced and I would highly recommend A2Z to any new or experienced riders.
Alaa Hassan
This was the best and fast training center ever been. I really learnt a lot and was able to understand every situation on and off the road. Thanks to a2z
Aaron Bolger
Had my CBT today with these guys and Ozzie was brilliant, from the minute I turned up, he was friendly and welcoming, explained everything clearly and simply to understand step by step. Would definitely recommend to everyone who needs a bike certificate! Thanks again!
Vilius Visockas
I had no experience on the bike whatsoever, trainers gave me full attention and helped me to push through the tasks when I was just starting to struggle, talking about the figure 8 of course! In several hours I had my CBT!

Malek Boukhalfa
Very good cbt training provided. Very clear and to the point
Frank Howard
Class act - don't hesitate to book with them.
Mohammad Siddik
Definitely the right place To take cbt. They have really good instructors. You can learn easily.  Good customer service. Good luck.
Highbury Tennis
Had a great days training on the 8th of June these guys are extremely professional and  easy to get along with teaching was spot on had a great time  well worth the money

Ivan Stoimenov
Very nice and very good staff, if you are looking for a place for a course, choose them.

Mohammad Yeasin
I have done my CBT with A2Z Rider North London Motorcycle Training School today. Experience was amazing!!!
I never ride motorbike before and just made it done in one go.
Specially I would like say thank you to my 2 instructors who put me on the  🏍 vehicle with zero to fully confident.
Trust me, how they both do demonstration and explain in order the complete training process, you have to say just one word “WOW”.
Damn experienced, super talented on what they are doing.
***I can’t believe it, I have done it****
I couldn’t be confident enough to show my performance as expected but they made me do it multiple times and make me more confident to be on main roads. Just loved the complete training.
Really grateful to my instructors.
You don’t need to know anything, Just see and follow their instructions.
If I can do it , anyone can do it.
Respectful people and they make you feel the same way.

Michael Leon
Went there  today to complete my CBT and passed. It was all because of the help of my instructors. Both great guys, they delivered a friendly, clear , informative and professional service. Will certainly recommend to all future budding motorcyclists. Great job!
Nick Jacobs
Great instructors, patient and informative - made the experience interesting and constructive.
My thanks to all involved.

Luca Bastoni
Completed my CBT today. Lovely instructors, quality rental equipment and good explanations. Passed first time. Would definitely recommend for beginner riders.
Georgie Nicolaou
Just completed my cbt test and have had a great experience with Ossie and Gen, made the experience very relaxed, great instructors and will highly recommend.
Burak Kandil
I was very nervous, overwhelmed and inconfident before i took the CBT.
I felt so relaxed and comfortable throughout the training. Both trainers are brilliant and do their best to teach you everything step by step.
I did not feel any pressure and the instructors were very patient, funny, respectful. Both instructors are brillant
I left at the end of the day with so much confidence and zeal. Thanks again A2Z.