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How To Become a Better Motorcycle Rider

Riding a motorcycle can be a very exciting feeling. However, it does not matter how long you have been riding or how much time has passed since you got your license, there is always room to improve.

As motorcycle training instructors with many years of experience, we realise how important both knowledge and skills are, as the more you know and the more you prepare, the better and safer the ride will be.

​Here are 5 tips to use to improve your motorcycle skills and become a better rider.


Pre-ride safety check

When the weather is amazing, you might feel like you cannot wait to just hop on your motorbike and ride! But when was the last time you checked your motorcycle to make sure it is in a good and safe condition to ride?

​Your motorbike tires should be correctly inflated with a safe amount of tread and your brakes should have clean pads within the wear limits. These are just a couple of the most important things to check on your motorcycle, but you should go through a list of all the relevant safety checks regularly. Believe us, when your motorcycle is in the best condition it can be, your riding will be safer and more enjoyable.

Keep a safe distance

We’ve all heard car or lorry drivers saying “oh, that motorcyclist came from nowhere!” When you are riding a motorcycle, you are the most vulnerable on the road, and not them. One of the biggest mistakes that motorcycle riders make is riding too close to the vehicle in front. You must have in mind that every inch closer reduces the time that you may have to react and avoid a dangerous situation. Especially when the vehicle in front could be hiding those hazards in the road.

Ride at your own pace and skill level

What can be better than spending time with like-minded people who love riding motorcycles? But don’t forget that, even if they are your friends or family and they are more experienced in riding a motorcycle, it doesn’t mean that you have to try and keep with them. Don’t drive faster or dangerously just to catch them; be you and drive as you.

Trust an expert

In many life situations, and it’s not just when riding a motorcycle, we may need an objective opinion from a trained professional. Even some professionals or champions need to hire a coach or instructor to assess and improve their skills.

Here, at A2Z Rider Training School, we provide CBT, A1, A2 and DAS motorcycle training to anyone interested in starting to learn how to ride or wanting to improve their skills. We are able to notice your struggles and shortcomings and convert them into your advantages.​