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Different Types of Motorcycles

Motorcycles can be made to suit very different purposes, whether that be for short trips around your town or long journeys across mud tracks. It can also be useful to learn about the various motorcycles available since you may discover something more favourable to your particular riding style. We understand that not everyone who has recently completed motorbike lessons will have the knowledge needed to move ahead with any purchases, so we have picked out some of the most common models and highlighted how they stand out from everything else.


A great starting point could be mopeds, since they often come with slightly more leniency in terms of tests compared to much higher powered machines. They offer a more primitive method of transport which can be great for youngsters who may need to commute before they grab hold of their main driving licence. If you find traveling is often done over short distances, then mopeds could help you save money with their simplistic mechanical output, giving you the capacity to pop about without guzzling up expensive fuel.


The cruiser bike is an American concept which is hugely synonymous with world renowned brands such as Harley-Davidson. As the name suggests, this particular bike is built to enhance comfort for people when riding, giving them a sense of coasting as they hit the highways. This is greatly enforced with the manner in which you sit along cruiser bikes, where you will find your back is leaning backwards compared to the hunched position you would likely adopt on more conventional models.


Speed, thrills and G-force are the key factors behind sport bikes, where the main purpose is often taking part in competition. Where cruiser bikes and mopeds are built to create a more comfortable ride, this is often put to one side at the expense of creating more acceleration. The true potential behind sport bikes can often be seen during the MotoGP season. The championship is considered the pinnacle of motorcycle racing, exemplified by the fact the outrageous performance levels displayed by participating bikes means they cannot be used on everyday roads.


Journeying around the countryside is often a favourite pastime for riders, in which case touring models may be more suitable. With the unpredictable nature of British weather often hampering our travels, many touring bikes come with heftier windshields to ensure you can ride in windy conditions without too much commotion. Should you venture out for miles upon miles, you will of course need the required fuel to achieve this, and the fact touring bikes often come with larger capacity tanks, you will be able to ride for ages without need to fill-up.


After you have passed your CBT training, it may be tempting to get behind a high-performance bike which can achieve extreme speeds. There’s nothing stopping you from doing this, but taking things down a notch and selecting a regular motorbike to start with could help you ease onto the road more methodically in what can be a very different experience compared to driving cars. A regular motorbike is built for comfort and simple application, making it great for everyday use. You could even modify regular bikes with innovative features later down the line after you have gained more competency with your riding skills.

If you would like to learn more about the courses we have available, or need some general advice about motorbikes, feel free to contact us today.