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What to Wear on a Scooter or Motorbike in Hot Weather

Summer means only one thing! Road trips! Venturing out in the sun on motorbikes and scooters is one of the great pastimes, but wearing the right clothing is essential for both safe and comfortable rides. 

A leather jacket along with heavy, chunky boots are a stable for motorbike riders, but are they suitable for this time of year? We have taken a look at the most important motorcycle clothing along with the best options to ensure sunny conditions are never a cause for concern.  

Is it Bad to Ride a Motorcycle in Hot Weather?

Riding your bike or scooter during hot weather is fine, so long as you’re prepared! Making sure you’re hydrated is perhaps the most important thing, and you shouldn’t overlook the value of venting your body when conditions become extra stifling. 

Just use your common sense by taking a quick glance at the current temperature, and if this exceeds what you feel would be safe, it’s probably better to stay put rather than taking unnecessary risks. 

What are the Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves?

When choosing the best gloves, it’s important to focus on two aspects. These need to help with ventilation, but not at the expense of grip. Finding a product which provides both is the key, as you won’t get the protection you need during an accident. 

Do you Wear Leather Jacket in Summer on Motorcycle?

Don’t worry! You certainly can! The only conditions these garments would struggle against would be rain, so by all means, keep wearing them during the summer. It’s simply a misconception that this type of clothing only excels with thermal performance, so brush aside these silly rumours, and wear your jacket with pride! 

What are Motorcycle Riding Shirts?

Still not convinced about wearing jackets? Then look into riding shirts, made with the same qualities as jackets but without the large and hefty feeling when worn. This may prove to be a better option when we reach soaring amounts of heat, as your body is likely to sweat under thicker clothing. 

What is the Best Motorcycle Helmet for Hot Weather?

Your head needs ventilation, otherwise you’re going to find concentration hard. Countries which experience hot weather on a permanent basis are happy to let residents venture out with nothing but sunglasses and caps, but we’re not afforded the same luxury here. 

One option would be open face helmets, however consider the fact you won’t have the same levels of security compared to conventional designs. They’re still legal but probably better suited to people making short local trips on scooters. 

Among the best options available for the summer would be this 1Storm Motorcycle Full Face Helmet. Here, you have the option of both open face and full protection. With a current rating of 4.3/5 on Amazon, the helmet has been a popular choice for riders, owing to an excellent air flow system, and enhanced visor to ensure clear vision even during the brightest of days. 

What are the Best Motorcycle Riding Jeans?

Getting the right balance between style and safety is vital here. Jeans go perfectly with jackets, so picking out suitable products will ensure you’re looking resplendent during the summer without compromising protection. Things you should be looking out for would be flexibility, protective qualities and whether they’re lined with mesh. 

Contact our team today for further info about summer clothing for both motorcycle and scooter riders. We also provide London motorcycle training, providing you with the required knowledge to ride safely during the warmer months.