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CBT and Motorcycle Training in North London

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How CBT Works

Before you head out on the road, you must complete a CBT test. This program gives new riders the groundwork to ride both safely and correctly, otherwise you will be breaching important government guidelines. If you’re looking to prepare for a CBT course, you may benefit from a brief summary of what you can expect. Below, we have listed the core components and what they aim to achieve. 


We will run through the basic legal requirements for motorbike riding. There’s lots to take in, so we break everything down into manageable chunks, whether that be safety, appropriate clothing or the highway code. As well as being able to ride bikes in a practical sense, we also focus on key theoretical knowledge to help enforce safe riding for everyone.


Machine Controls

Important safety checks should be undertaken before you head off, so we point these out for you. Getting to grips with the vast number of controls can also be a minefield, which is why key functions are pointed out and then explained in greater detail before their use. A well looked after motorbike is also vital for safety, and our basic guide to maintenance is the sure-fire way to keep every single aspect behind your vehicle fully functional the way it should be.


On Site Training

We totally understand that riding can require a certain level of confidence, and that’s precisely why we provide motorbike training which works on building key skills that help you ride with more conviction. Some of the key areas of concern would be frequent manoeuvres you need to master, as this helps you become a well-rounded rider, capable of journeys across any sort of terrain.


Road Craft

Roads can differ greatly across the country, creating very distinct riding conditions. It’s important to understand how to ride on certain roads correctly, and how to deal with hazards should they arise. You also won’t be the only riders out on the road, so we explain how to remain aware of others in order to keep both you and anyone else safe.


On-Road Training

An advisor will watch you closely as you gain some much needed practical experience of varying traffic conditions. Here, we can keep close tabs with what you’re competent with, and then point out areas which may need some improvements moving forward.



One you have reached a satisfactory level, you will be presented with a certificate, demonstrating your competence as a rider. After you receive this, you may then proceed to use L-plates when riding out on the road.


Further Details

Any CBT program must be undertaken at an approved centre, and it’s here that you must complete the course over the duration of one day. During the day, you will be expected to attend presentations and participate in some off road practices. After your motorbike training has been completed, the CBT will be valid for two years, but you won’t be able to ride with passengers, and L-plates must be clearly on display.

If you want to book a CBT course in North London, simply contact our team today for further details.