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Important Motorbike Checks

Given the roaring speeds you’re likely to experience on motorbikes and the number of key safety measures that need to be considered, it’s little wonder that maintenance is perhaps the most important aspect behind safe riding. Most checks need to be completed on a regular basis, and lots of these often get overlooked. So, we have analysed some of the most important features behind motorbike maintenance, explaining why and how this should be undertaken. 

Check the Tyres

Riding safely can only be done with well-maintained tyres. These need to be checked both before and after journeys, even if you’re only popping round the corner. When you’re out on the road, keep close tabs on the balance and general feeling you have when handling your motorbike, simply because even the slightest change or discrepancy around performance could be attributed to poor tyres. They also provide grip, something which can be massively significant when riding in winter conditions

Check your Engine 

The backbone behind your bike will be the engine, and this can cause serious problems if you don’t regularly check performance levels are suitable. Adding new engine oil is a very simple step towards a fully functional engine, since neglecting this aspect will cause inevitable damage to the inner workings of your bike. Riding with ineffective oil will affect the enjoyment of riding and your engine isn’t going to be too pleased either. With motorbike maintenance, the key is forming a consistent level of upkeep, rather than leaving things to one side, as this can lead to more serious issues. 

Clean your Bike 

Many of us are well accustomed to adventurous rides, especially since we have so many amazing locations to experience in this country. The build-up of grime is never a good look for your bike, and further to this, you may find such substances could damage structural solidity. It’s also important to dry your bike after rainy rides, as water can easily lead to rust. These are really basic steps, but you’d be amazed how these can be overlooked, even though they’re hugely significant in terms of effective maintenance. 

Check your Brakes

Safety is key when riding motorbikes, so please make sure you keep an eye on your brakes. If they’re starting to wear down, there’s every chance you might find using them feels either loose or even too stiff, and in both cases, you may struggle to apply your foot with the correct amount of force. There’s a multitude of different bikes on the marketplace, so make sure you take a look at your handbook to ensure any loosening or tightening is done in accordance with the required specifications. Sometimes adding oil can make a huge difference, and there’s lots of products which are made specially to remedy poor braking. 

Here at A2Z, we are huge advocates for safe riding, and truly believe that regular maintenance should be done by everyone. If you want further advice or want to book a CBT course, simply get in contact with our team today.