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Riding Motorbikes in Traffic

This country is well known for large traffic jams! It can be hugely problematic when trying to commute into work each day, so both safety and common sense certainly need to be applied scrupulously when you're riding in these conditions. As motorbike enthusiasts, you're likely to enjoy the thrill and excitement that comes from high speeds, but there’s certainly a time and place when this should be exercised with caution. We have broken down some of the most important tips for riding in traffic jams, helping you understand precisely what you need to be thinking about when roads are filled to the brim.

Think Ahead

Preparation is key with safe motorbike riding, and that’s simply because roads can be hugely unpredictable at the best of times. If you know the road you're riding along, you should be able to anticipate certain junctions or roundabouts, in which case slow down well in advance and consider the fact vehicles may start switching lanes. The more you can keep a clear and accurate picture of your journey, the more likely you’ll be able to act promptly should major issues arise.

Wear the Correct Clothing

Even if you have years of experience under your belt, there’s still every chance you could fall off your bike and become inflicted with bodily harm. The obvious counter-measure is protective clothing, with the most important being helmets, as hitting your head against the road from high speeds is sure to be fatal. Throughout each year, the same attire is largely applicable, so motorbike clothing for the summer can remain in place when the weather does turn cooler. Other crucial garments would be boots and gloves, both of which protect the body and improve grip.

Have a Contingency Plan

It’s always better to have a positive outlook on life, but there are occasions, motorbike riding being one of them, where you need to be realistic about the nature of what you're doing. If you're riding along the motorway, it's best to think about problems which could happen and decide how you would act against this should it actually take place. For example, you may want to know precisely where laybys are based as these can be used should you need to exit the road for you or anyone else’s safety. Long journeys are also fairly tiring, so think about service station stops before you head off as this may also provide some reassurance as to how and where you can get yourself a much needed breather.

Ride Methodically

It can be hugely tempting to let rip and ride along roads at eye popping speeds. Don’t! And especially don’t when you're surrounded by cars. You have no idea when people may need to break or change lanes, so if you're moving along too fast, you're not going to have enough time to react. You're far better off riding in relation to the volume of traffic you're dealt with, which basically means your speed and riding style needs to be altered to best reflect the space and time you have on your hands. Thinking about motorbike riding? Then we have motorbike training on offer in North London. Whether you're starting out and need to book a CBT course, or desire more advanced programs such as the A2 course, we have everything you need right here. Get in contact with our team today for more information.