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How to Look After Motorbike Tyres

A motorbike is only really as safe as you make it! There are so many checks which need to be completed pretty much all the time, but none really come close to significance compared to tyres. They are the very thing keeping your bike upright and functional, and should they be damaged, the risk of accidents taking place is greatly heightened. So without further ado, here are some of the most basic elements behind tyre maintenance.

Replace Shoddy Tyres Immediately 

It’s always tempting to save money, and we all know that repairs are never cheap, but would you really jeopardise your safety over what is a pretty measly sum to replace tyres! Don’t ever put up with tyres which aren’t performing correctly, instead replace them right away, since this will keep you safe and also ensure the rest of your bike can operate without being strained from substandard components. 

Check Tyre Pressure 

With so many different models on the marketplace, the tyres you have could greatly differ, so make sure you understand the tyre pressure most suitable to your bike and ensure this has been consistently implemented. Common sense is the key here! Simply take a look and substantially deflated tyres should be easily detectable to the naked eye, in which case get these pumped up immediately. 

Wash Regularly 

Much like the clothes you wear, your tyres are likely to be caked in mud should you journey out into the countryside or ride in wet conditions. After every trip, give your bike a thorough cleansing, as this not only keeps your model looking the part, but certain substances could cause problems with general solidity. As with most maintenance tasks, it’s much better to keep on top of things right away before certain problems escalate further. 

Be Proactive with Repairs 

As we’ve just mentioned, the earlier you act with repairs, the better chance you have with keeping your existing tyres. Even the smaller things can become a real issue without regular attention, so either get to grips with the most basic tyre maintenance to sort issues yourself, or get hold of reputable mechanics who can help you at the earliest opportunity. 

Drive Carefully 

Don’t be reckless out on the road! Poor riding can deteriorate tyres quite rapidly. Riding along in a smooth and methodical manner may seem more boring compared to MotoGP styled manoeuvres, but your safety and integrity of your tyres will be thankful if you decide to take things down a notch. Having a clear perception of the journey you have ahead can also help, since you may want to avoid areas you know are notorious for poor surface conditions. 

The fast-paced and exhilarating world of motorbike riding can become a reality here at A2Z. We have CBT courses in London available, giving prospective riders the required knowledge and skill needed to venture out on the road. If you would like to discover what we can offer, simply contact our team today for further information.