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Winter Motorcycle Riding Tips

The winter months are particularly tricky to navigate on the roads. With rain more frequent and even the possibility of snow, this period of the year requires the utmost care and vigilance whenever people venture off on their bikes. Lots of safety precautions are pretty obvious, however they’re still worth reiterating, so below are some handy riding tips to help you survive the winter in this country. 

Be Extra Vigilant

Weather conditions are horrible in the winter, not just the freezing temperatures, but also the damage this can inflict over road surfaces. Just take that extra bit of time when meandering around busy traffic or negotiating roundabouts! 

Even the slightest over acceleration could prove hugely detrimental as you slip and slide across winter ridden roads. Lots of people start riding bikes for the exhilarating speeds, but there’s certainly a time and place, neither of these apply to this period of the year. 

Wear The Correct Clothing 

It’s going to be cold enough outside without souring speeds amplifying this to incredibly uncomfortable heights. This means clothing is vital given how you’re likely to act without the same precision should you be when shivering uncontrollably. 

Get those gloves on! And layers! A base layer should be the starting point, after which hoodies, jackets or coats can be added to help you retain heat. Reflective materials are also important no matter the time of year, but especially the winter, given how natural daylight normally draws out in the latter stages of the afternoon. 

Maintain Your Bike 

Motorbike checks should be done on a frequent basis no matter which model you’re riding, otherwise you could be blissfully unaware of major problems which are leading towards an inevitable crash. Even when you’re out riding, get a sense of how the bike feels, and if anything feels even slightly out of place, make sure this gets thoroughly checked over. 

Your tires are a good place to start, given how they’re the only thing connecting you to the road. Their grip needs to be proficient and of course, make sure to check they’re inflated to the correct volume of pressure. 

Brush Up On Your Skills 

Riding a bike is a lot more tricky than it looks! There’s both theory and practical knowledge which need to be mastered, both of which should be broadened whenever possible. We all know that CBT motorcycle lessons must be passed to enter the roads, and for anyone looking to ride more advanced models, you’ll need to complete the A2 program

Even if you’ve been riding bikes for a considerable time, it’s still worth looking over the highway code and in particular, the sort of questions which typically make up the motorcycle theory test. You’d be surprised how much information you forget, some of which could well be applicable to riding bikes in the winter safely. 

If you would like to take your motorbike riding to the next level or know someone who wants to take this up for the first time, feel free to contact our team today and discover more about our range of motorcycle training courses in London.