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CBT and Motorcycle Training in North London

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Direct Access Scheme Training London

We offer motorcycle training lessons for the D.A.S (Direct Access Scheme) based in Highbury & Islington, and Tottenham & Wood Green, North London.

Practical motorcycle test, ( unrestricted ) Category A  solo motorcycle test must:
  • be at least 595cc capacity
  • have an engine power of at least 40kW (53.6 bhp)
  • Must be 24 years or over.
  • pass a theory for motorcycle.
  • Have a valid C.B.T
  • Pass on a auto and ride only auto, pass on gears and you have the choice.
Our Direct Access Scheme is provided by exceptionally gifted instructors who can guide you to success in a fun but safe environment. Check out our testimonials/reviews from previous D.A.S students, don't just take our word that this is the best training in London.
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The  Module One

On the day of the Module 1 test, candidates will be asked by the examiner to demonstrate their riding ability on either the left-hand or right-hand circuit. Please note that the standard off-road layout may change due to local conditions on the casual sites.

See site for the standard layout of the left and right-hand circuits.

Those candidates who have demonstrated riding skills of a dangerously incompetent level during Module 1 will not be permitted to take Module 2.

Those candidates who have passed Module 1 will receive a Test Pass Certificate which they must bring with them when they take Module 2.
A2z rider training actually hire the D.S.A  module one testing site for training, pass in training (very reassuring)  and then  pass the actual test on the day, how good is that.
These specified manoeuvres are:
On and off stand.
Wheel the machine.
Figure of eights.
slow ride.
Controlled stop in the box.
50kph (32mph emergency stop.
50kph (32mph) avoidance and brake.

The Module Two 

Module 2 of the test will be about 57 minutes in length and will consist of the eyesight test, road safety questions and at least 40 minutes of road riding, consisting of a road ride covering a variety of road and traffic conditions and will also include normal stops, hill and angle starts.
A2Z rider training will conduct area training on your final day covering all the type of  roads, roundabouts and national speed limits.
The candidate is allowed to make up to ten minor marks on the module two.