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Motorcycle Theory Test London

You will need to pass a motorcycle theory test before you can participate in the Compulsory Basic Training or get an A1 or A2 Licence. 

Cost £25.00 from the 1st October 2014

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Telephone booking 0300 200 1122

The Motorcycle Theory Test Is Split Into Two Parts. You need to complete both parts of theory test to pass. You have 1 hour to complete both parts, and will receive your results soon after.

Part 1.

50 Multiple choice questions,

Your theory test is held at your nearest Driving Standards Agency testing centre, and have 57 minutes

to complete your test.

There is 50 multiple choice questions, you must answer 43 or more correctly to pass.

Part 2. The Hazard Perception Test.

The hazard perception consists of 14 short video clips.

These are various types of hazards shown from a road users perspective.

You must recognize these developing hazards in good time. "Looking ahead"

You need to pass a minimum of 44 or more correct out of 75 to pass.