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Full License Review
First class, and professional throughout.

I did the CBT and then the Direct Access Course to get a full license, and from beginning to end it was everything they promised. Tina was great with communication and admin and worked with me to accommodate a difficult schedule. Ozzy and his team doing the CBT were all ex-military, paratroopers and marines, with decades of experience, and they were great at giving clear instructions and working with all kinds of people.

I had some riding experience, but 20 years ago on a learner bike, and I was very pleased that they helped me regain my confidence and quickly recognised that I didn't need every last bit of the basic training in the CBT, and worked with me to get my confidence back. I was very impressed with the direct and honest way they dealt with another rider whose skills didn't match his ambitions, and they obviously had his best interests at heart in helping him to adjust his ambitions to his ability.

When I moved on to the Direct Access Course, I had Shane as an instructor, and couldn't have asked for anyone better. He was patient, clear, and has been an examiner in the past, brought an insiders view to the whole testing process. I liked the way they took us regularly to the test centre and got us familiar with the roads around there, and also the atmosphere inside. That meant that when the day came, there were no surprises, and I'm grateful to have got through first time. I met others who were retesting after making unfortunate mistakes on the day, but they seemed, like me, to have been thoroughly impressed with their training and the friendly banter.

By the end of what was a very short course, it seemed like we were all leaving as friends.

Well done Tina, Ozzy, Shane, and "Fluffy" -- yes, that's what they call him, but he's about 6'3" and an ex-marine, so I guess he gets to be called what he wants!
Experienced Instructors
"The instructors were beyond experienced. Stuart is an ex-examiner, and knows what he’s chatting about. Rob was an ex-police motorcycle rider and I think he had more years under his belt than I’ve been alive!
I’m pretty sure the school is the only one that allows you to practise on the Mod1 site the Sunday before your test. So you’re literally test-ready not suggestively test ready.
Of the three others I did my Mod1 test with, three of us got no minors and the other guy got one minor mark.
They prepare you for the Mod2 thoroughly basically testing your testable ability on every road ride and providing truly thorough feedback on your ride.

I can’t fault them, they block book so if you pass your Mod1, and you’ll be taking your Mod2 the same day.
Ultimately I passed, so I have much love for this school!"
Brilliant Mod1 and Mod2 Instruction
"Great riding school, managed to get me through both Mod1 and Mod2 from the first time. I wasn’t great on a bike before the course, so I took the longer version. Tina managed to adjust the schedule to help with work and I started very soon, which fit just right. The plan was to learn a lot and pass the tests before my theory test expired, two days after the Mod1/2 date. Thanks to the great instruction from Shane it all worked out perfectly!

The bikes are quite new and easy to handle. Also, practicing on the exam location helped a lot, both for Mod1 and Mod2. I’d have probably failed on the swerve of Mod1 if I hadn’t done it several times before the test. And for Mod2 I was out mostly on roads which we had covered during the training, which helped immensely.

Can’t recommend them enough, very patient, level-headed, and very good at helping me at building confidence with the bikes and on the road, great instruction!"

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Direct Access Scheme London
I’ve just completed my Direct Access course with A2Z Rider Training, and I’m delighted to have passed my motorcycle test first time!

From the moment, I first called them; I knew I’d made the right decision. Tina was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Ossie and Shane, my two instructors were seriously helpful and have an excellent style of instruction. The bikes, Yamaha ML07’s were brand new, and a perfect choice as a learner bike. And with only 2 students per instructor, it was a perfect ratio to ensure I got the most out of the course.

I would highly recommend this company.

Professional Motorcycle Training in London
Having never ridden an on-board bike before I was extremely nervous going in to this training. I’m so happy I went through A2Z as everyone I dealt with was friendly, professional and put me at ease. The pricing was the most straight forward, complete price for everything. Equipment is top notch and well maintained.

Shane was our instructor and I couldn’t have wanted better – he has such an affable way about him and his style of teaching turned my nerves into confidence, helping me pass both modules first time round!

Thanks to Shane, Ossie and Tina!

I highly recommend A2Z to anyone wanting to get their motorbike licence.

Top Rider Training School London
Top rider training school, I highly recommend it. Ozzie and Shane (the instructors) were terrific and were constantly giving very useful advice and comments. It was also good fun and the bikes we used well maintained and comfortable. I felt quite confident on the test day. Tina, who manages everything on the other side of the phone, was also fantastic, kind and very helpful. Thank you very much indeed, I will definitely recommend A2Z to anyone interested in getting their bike licence. Thanks tons!
Motorcycle DAS London Course
I cannot recommend the team at A2Z more! I booked onto a five day DAS course having had a bad CBT experience at another school so was fairly nervous going in. Ozzie and Shane put me at ease straight away and I never felt like I was pushed too soon. They have great banter and their teaching style is second to none. I always came away from every session having learnt so much. Special thanks to Tina for putting up with my endless questions and for booking me in (and I suspect, for keeping the boys in check too!). Please please go and see A2Z if you are thinking about getting on two wheels!
DAS Course North London
Passed My DAS today first time after training this Week with Shane, had a brilliant time doing the training and couldn't have asked for more help, both Shane and Ossie wanted to answer all and Every question I had No matter how small it was, Can't really ask for more, definitely a great little bike school who will set you up brilliantly for the many years on a bike ahead!
DAS London Review
Passed my DAS yesterday (Mod1 /Mod2) 1st attempt, Ossie and Shane is an archive of knowledge when it comes to bike ridding, amazing school with the best bikes available in the market definitely best school in London.

Again I can't thank enough to Ossie, Shane and Tina for all the effort they put in to get me through my driving test.

Highly recommended..!!
Motorcycle Training London
After doing a decent amount of research into where to do my DAS, Im glad I chose A2Z, after being recommended by a colleague. Myself and a friend went along to do the free assessment and almost immediately I could tell this was a good place.

Great atmosphere, well maintained bikes, friendly, knowledgable guys who obviously cared about the job and getting us trained, rather than just churning out people constantly.

Shane was our instructor for the majority of the time, along with Ossie, both of who were able to answer all our questions and suitably prepare us for the tests, which we both passed first time. Plenty of communication and feedback on our progress/performance, so I could really feel my progression during the 4 days training.

A2Z are one of few schools which hire out the mod 1 test course for a practice session, which really was invaluable to me, I was more nervous about mod 1 than mod 2, but I passed (both modules) with no faults, which I certainly couldn't have done without the practice session on the mod 1 course and the guidance from Shane and Ossie.

A big thanks as well to Tina over email, who helped us getting everything booked. It's always nice to have a quick, real reply rather than a "copy and paste" reply sent to everyone.

Can't fault A2Z and can't recommend them enough.
CBT London
Exceptional service. I passed my CBT quickly and easily and Ossie worked overtime to help me with the geared motorcycle. Everyone went above and beyond what was expected. Tina also kept me updated by sending me text messages to confirm bookings and payments and giving me all the information required. Definitely the best place to train in London.
Compulsory Basic Training Review
First of all I want to thank you Ossie/Tina. I really enjoyed doing the CBT with A2Z. If you really want to learn something just go with A2Z. This was my second CBT and I can say its by far the best place to the CBT or take the full licence.

PS: I didn't ride a motorcycle in my life until I did the CBT with Them.
Amazing CBT Training London
Words cannot explain fully just how good A2Z Rider Training services are! From my first phone call to Tina to the successful passing of both tests with Ossie, I was looked after superbly. No matter what type of person you are, Ossie will quickly understand the best way to teach you and cater the course to your needs. Having experienced a few different instructors in my time I feel I should say that none came close to the effectiveness of Ossie's style. He is infinitely patient, answers all of your questions by explaining theory, gives you enough freedom to find your own riding style and in doing so builds a great affinity between you and the machine. Myself and another learner called Tom had an awesome time on the course, having great laughs and fun as well as all the learning, it is pitched just perfectly. I honestly don't think I'd have passed first time using one of the other schools, A2Z's service is so welcoming and comprehensive I would not hesitate to recommend them to others looking for the DAS. In fact 'd suggest you owe it to yourself to get the best tuition around, and as far as I'm concerned money cannot buy better than A2Z. Thanks again Ossie and Tina, I'll be sure to pop in and say hello in the future
: ) x
DAS Course London
Just want to say a big thanks to Ossie for helping me through the DAS course. Everything was great, the course was well structured, enjoyable, and feedback helpful and spot on. The bikes they use are really new and good quality, and the way they organise everything works perfectly and gives you the best chance of passing. I passed both tests first time, so I can't say fairer than that. Also did my CBT with them last year and I would recommend that just as much. Great stuff, thanks Ossie and Tina, all the best.
CBT Training London
Completed my CBT with A2Z in June 15 - absolutely brilliant experience. Very professional, friendly, and efficient staff, who answered all of my questions (even the stupid ones) instantly and completely. Special thanks to Gen for the on-the-road test. I will be going back for my gear conversion and ultimately my DAS; I wouldn't even think of going to anywhere else. Can't recommend highly enough.
Informative instructors, really calm and approachable
I used A2Z for my CBT and had a really great experience. The instructors were all very informative and really calm and approachable. Being female, this can be an intimidating world to walk into but the team made me feel so at ease that I got through the day and enjoyed the experience in doing so. Will use them to complete the full licence and recommend to anyone - with experience or who has not even sat on a bike before.
Desire to learn to ride a motorbike
Hi guys,

Just thought I'd drop you a quick line to say thanks very much for all your help in getting me through the test and training over the half term. Rest assured I shall be recommending you to anyone who mentions a desire to learn to ride a motorbike!

Ossie may remember that I had a commissioning interview the day of the test in the afternoon, thankfully I was successful at that as well so an excellent day was had!

I've left a comment on the website as requested.

Thanks very much again for all your support and help, you both provide a service second to none.

All the best,
Philip Jones.
A license without any stress
Dear Tina and Ossie,

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you both. you have a great school, with equipment and bikes in the best possible shape. First Tina for your patience and organisation skills and then Ossie for the great lessons. Although I have had my A1 for nearly 15 years, I knew I had picked up a lot of bad habits along the way, especially if I wanted to pass a full A license. I really enjoyed Ossie's teaching, advice and especially his great attitude (where does that patience come from, I will never know!).

Again thank you very much for helping me get my A license without any stress, although I was disappointed to have make 3 minor marks on test day (even the examiner was making fun of me for being disappointed for successfully passing the exam), with your teaching it should have been a nil mistakes!

Regards, Oliver.
Direct Access course first time
Hi Ossie and Tina,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the getting me through the Direct Access course first time - I've been out on the road quite a bit since and I'm loving it - I can't wait for the Summer!

I've attached the photo we took outside the test centre for your gallery... better late than never, eh?!

Best regards

ps. feel free to put a comment up on your site based on the above - or I can do one if you'd prefer. Let me know